White Papers

The Fourth Lead for Auto Dealers:

Dealership lead success, until recently, has been dependent upon proper follow-up of two primary lead sources: walk-ins and phone-ups. The rise of the internet has confronted dealers with the new challenge of capitalizing on this continually growing third source of leads. Read on to learn about the emerging fourth lead.

The Customer Life Cycle of a Car Buyer:

The auto-dealer customer life cycle is a long process requiring consistent customer contact. But, they only want to hear from you when it is pertinent.In short, your customers are high maintenance!

If you give them the attention they need and deserve, your dealership will reap the ROI rewards. DealerSocket has condensed this customer progression into a simple, digestible infographic. Share it with your co-workers, and revisit it often. You can thank us later.

Email’s Midlife Crisis: The Wrongs of Writing Off Email, and How to Do It Right:

Email, Not Social Media, is Users’ Preferred Marketing Channel

With the current hype surrounding social media, is email still an effective channel of communication?

Has it suffered the fate of the telegraph?

Email is not dead — far from it.

The rise of social media has produced a shift: from email being the primary digital channel for friends and family to interact to the preferred channel to receive marketing messages. This white paper reviews email’s importance as a marketing avenue and how to effectively utilize it.

  • Email is, by far, the most-preferred channel for receiving marketing messages
  • Social media’s societal role is clear: it’s for socializing, not marketing
  • Email can provide high ROI
  • There are six vital aspects to effective email marketing

Marketing 3.0: Surveys, Social Media, CSI and How You’re Missing the Mark

Is your social media strategy helping or hurting you?

Auto dealers rely on customer satisfaction surveys to gauge performance. But, as online surveys proliferate, consumers are increasingly annoyed by survey bombardment, making it less likely dealers will be able to rely on surveys for data.

Social media is a new forum to gather data reflecting customer sentiment and CSI.  It is where consumers—satisfied and not-so-much—go first to share, regardless of whether their opinion was asked. Unfortunately, many companies are further alienating customers by attempting to use social media as an advertising avenue.

Marketers using social media to advertise are missing the mark—it is a place to learn about your customers, not harass them. Dealers should reevaluate their use of surveys and social media, and how they measure their customer satisfaction index (CSI).

Data Mining and Target Marketing: Individualized, Target Marketing through Data Mining Essential to Maintaining and Retaining Auto Dealer Customers