I provided the words and concepts for the infographics below and worked with graphic designers to make them look pretty.

[Client: NuORDER] Tradeshow Life: How to Book More Buyer Appointments

During the pre-show phase of your tradeshow life, it’s all about booking buyer appointments. There are two ways you can go about this: pen and paper or B2B eCommerce.

See how the two ways buyers are booking appointments and then ask yourself: Which tradeshow life do you make your buyers live?

[Client: NuORDER] Tradeshow Life: How to See More Buyers

Tradeshow floors are notoriously hectic places. Hopefully, your booth is buzzing with buyers and you’re writing orders like it’s breakfast at a pancake house.

Are you wasting time scribbling on print linesheets stained and sticky with coffee and syrup? Or are your meetings quick and clean with your B2B eCommerce platform?

It’s show time – which tradeshow life do you live?

[Client: NuORDER] Rock-Star Tradeshow Followup

Congratulations — You successfully scheduled appointments with your buyers before the tradeshow, saw all of your current buyers, and you met with prospective buyers during your time on the tradeshow floor.

But, you can’t put it all behind you yet. There’s one phase left to complete: Post-Show Follow-Up.

[Client: NuORDER] Brand, Booth & Beyond: Take the Fast Path to Tradeshow Success

You have your brand. You have your booth. But do you have your “beyond?”

In this pathway-style infographic Brand, Booth & Beyond, you’ll encounter the little reminders we all need for a successful tradeshow season.

[Client: NuORDER]: Real Humans: How to Cultivate Buyer Loyalty

It’s strange that we treat people differently in their roles as buyers and consumers. Aren’t we all human? Once we realize that we should treat buyers and consumers the same, we can position ourselves to lead an industry.

Provide a B2C ordering experience for your B2B buyers and kill it in in wholesale.

View and learn how to increase sales with a better understanding of your buyers.

[Client: DealerSocket] We Do That, So You Can Vendor-Down

The title is a play on a commonly used phrase, “vendor up,” referring to the need for businesses to employ multiple vendors to service their needs. At the top of the info-graphic, you will notice it says “We Do That.” The goal is to show potential customers that DealerSocket CRM software has a suite of products capable of servicing all of their needs–allowing businesses to “vendor down.”

[Client: DealerSocket CRM] Mobile or Not, Here It Comes

DealerSocket CRM released a new mobile app. The infographic Mobile or Not, Here It Comes emphasizes why dealers need to be mobile.

[Client: NuORDER] B2B Technology: Oh the Humanity!

Some brands resist moving from pen and paper to a wholesale software solution for fear of losing their human touch.

But, the time saved using technology allows brands to spend quality time building great human relationships.

Humanity gets techy and brands benefit. Learn what it’s all about.