Honky in Haiti

“Honky in Haiti” sounds racially charged, and it is. As a white guy walking around Haiti, there was no escaping my whiteness. I was, after all, a honky in Haiti (it turns out the word “cracker” has a far more interesting etymological history).

Here’s a short video for a fundraising campaign to build / re-build an orphanage:

Please note that ONDPS is quoting me below. All jokes about referring to oneself in the third person aside, quoting oneself is clearly going too far. I’m sure you agree.

“Father Bourdeau Jonel and the children residing in the resource-poor but love-rich orphanage L’Orphelinat Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours (ONDPS) in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti are currently in an unsafe situation. It’s election time Haiti, and with elections there is often insecurity. Recently, gangs have been terrorizing the area, leaving Father and the children vulnerable and sleeping uneasily. I’ve personally spent a lot of time at ONDPS and worked on different projects with Father Bourdeau and will go on record saying you can trust your hard-earned dollars to go to the most vulnerable children’s most basic needs in full.” – Matt

GoFundMe page:

Please COPY, PASTE & SHARE (yes, you’ve been yelled at in all caps):
More info: http://www.sustainableorphanagesforhaiti.com/

In the video below, Matt speaks about being a Honky in Haiti and trying to build stuff:


Here’s another video, this one is Matt’s co-effort to create jobs in Port au Prince.  You can learn more about that by checking out emprofit.org.

Here's Matt, another outsider yapping about Haiti.

Here’s Matt, another outsider yapping about Haiti.



Below is my take on honky missionaries in Haiti. Check out Tumblr for more stuff: HonkyInHaiti.tumblr.com.

Honkies Make Terrible Missionaries

When I honkied to the airport counter, and the lady looked up my ticket, she was curious as to why I would go to Haiti, making the typical honky assumption that I was going as a missionary.

“Oh, you must be a missionary,” assumed the honky lady.

“No, I don’t go there to tell people to like my god,” I said.

“Well, then what do you do there?” Asked Honky Lady. She seemed confused as to why any honky would go to Haiti for any reason but to tell people about the virtues of liking my god.

“I am actually working with some kids and adults on creating a business so they can sustain themselves,” I responded, not completely sure if I was equipped for such a task.

“Oh, well, I don’t know anything about that,” Honky Lady said.

“Yeah, neither do I,” I said, awaiting her reaction. She just looked at me, saying nothing.

“But, as far as Americans and other foreigners telling Haitians about having faith in God, they are wasting their time,” I said.

“Really? Why is that?” I was pleased that she took my bait.

“Because Haitians have far stronger faith than any missionary or American I have ever met. If anything, missionaries should go there to learn what true faith is.” I told her.

She handed me my boarding pass and called the next customer in line.

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