Direct Response

In-house print ad for Entrepreneur Magazine: Entrepreneur has a YouTube channel called Entrepreneur Network. In the three-word tagline, Wisdom Worth Watching, “watching” tells you that we’re promoting something that you watch, as opposed to read, listen or see in-person. “Wisdom” conveys the value proposition — the channel provides viewers with valuable business insights. “Worth” puts it right in your face: this YouTube channel is worth your while.

The concept of using a three-word tagline centering around the word “worth” can be used for other Entrepreneur products, as well: Connections Worth Making, Emails Worth Receiving, Events Worth Attending, and so on and so on…

Entrepreneur Connect: Wisdom Worth Watching

## interstitial (fancy word for a pop out) aimed to gain email subscribers – interestingly, the interstitials without imagery performed better.



In-house print ads in Entrepreneur Magazine: Entrepreneur has an ongoing advertising section for franchise businesses of all types. When ad space is empty, they will use in-house ads for self promotion. The franchise opportunity ads need a unifying theme that can translate to all size ads and business types. I’m happy that my concept was accepted: Your Passion. Your Profits. Please note that the two statements line up splendidly when placed on top of each other:

Half-page ad for all franchise opportunities: Your Passion. Your Profits.

One-sixth page ad for retail franchise opportunities: Your Passion. Your Profits.



Two sets of hangtag copy for denim by DC Shoes/Quiksilver/Ben Davis below: