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IQAir (air quality solutions)

What is environmental justice?

To understand environmental justice, it helps to first look at environmental injustice. Environmental injustice (or environmental inequality) is the unequal distribution of the negative environmental consequences burdened on certain demographics.

Environmental justice means no community must bear the burden for everyone’s pollution. But justice rarely comes without people speaking out.  Read More

“Toxic Tour’ highlights air pollution’s human toll

The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) is a nonprofit organization that has worked on social and environmental issues in the inland valleys of Southern California for more than 35 years. Recently, they invited IQAir and other clean-air advocates to join in a “Toxics and Solutions Tour” of some of the most polluted areas in the U.S.  Read More

How to improve air quality in your neighborhood

Does your community suffer from air pollution? Are you frustrated and ready to take action? Read this article and get a jump start on making a difference in your community.
Read More

NuORDER B2B eCommerce thought-leadership blog posts (long form):

Get Some Business Backbone! How to Find the Best ERP for Your Company: The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software you choose will be the digital backbone of your business. It provides a central hub for most key elements of your company’s information. We reached out to people who work in the ERP industry and to those who use the software daily. See what they say about how to choose the best one for your company. Read More

Inventory Management: Production Forecasting Best Practices Part 1: Production forecasting is possibly the holy grail of inventory management. In Part 1 of our two-part series, learn how brands are taking a bottom-up approach and using pre-lining to increase their forecasting accuracy. Read More

Inventory Management: Production Forecasting Best Practices Part 2: You’ve formulated a demand forecast you’re comfortable with. Now, it’s time to plan how you will meet this anticipated demand. We consulted with an eclectic group of field experts to bring you advice from the trenches. Learn about meeting minimums and ship dates, as well as when to over order. Read and know how to provide buyers with the product they need — when they need it — without getting stuck with excess inventory. Read More

Overcoming 3 Common B2B eCommerce Obstacles: You know the inevitable – your brand needs to adopt B2B eCommerce. Does your upper management still need convincing? Read on and you’ll be armed with answers to the 3 most commonly cited obstacles. Your life is about to get much easier! Read More

Wholesale to Retail: How to Get Your Product into Stores: Most brands have retailers where they dream of seeing their products. Read this article to learn how to get your wholesale products into the retail stores you know they deserve to be. Read More

How to Sell End-of-Year Excess Inventory: When the ball dropped and the champagne popped, were you ringing in 2016 with a clear mind and a clean ATS (available to sell)? Or were you wringing your hands, thinking of what to do with your excess 2015 inventory? Read on for tips to sell off your remaining ATS, including how to use several of NuORDER’s new releases to ring the final bell on your end-of-year excess inventory. Read More

How to Increase Holiday Season Reorders: Are you grabbing your piece of the holiday buying season pie? Hopefully, you’ve already had your large slice and are ready for seconds. In this analogy, your second piece is in the form of a big helping of reorders. Read on and learn how to use NuORDER to be a reorder glutton. Read More

NuORDER Product Launches:

NuORDER Enables Credit Card Processing: Game Changer Alert: NuORDER has released its Payment Processing feature. Now, brands can process credit card payments directly through their NuORDER portals. Buyers can also enter their own payment information when placing orders. Brands get paid quicker; buyers receive shipments faster. The B2B eCommerce game as changed. Read More

Beyond Scanning: NuORDER Enables Users to Create Product Barcode Labels: Your product samples are here! You should enjoy this moment like a kid on Christmas morning, without dreading hours of handwriting product tags. NuORDER users are now quickly creating their own barcode tags, sticking them on their product samples and moving on with their busy lives. See how this is done, as well as a quick tutorial on how to pair your barcode scanners and iPads. Read More



Citrix Online blog posts (short-form intros):

Grok the Geek: How to Recruit Technical People

Innovation: Great Alone, But Better Together

Two Citrix Solutions. One Happy Law Firm.

(Ghost Written) What a City Hall Sage Wishes He Had Known